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“You are fortunate among the millions of students around the world. I say, you are fortunate because you are studying in CRESCENT School and a part of the ICSE  family”.

  Rev. Father DR. JoseAikara, Chairman CISCE, New Delhi 

The effort of Crescent teachers in organizing the cultural programs is exceptional.


“Crescent School prepares you for the real world... "

P.T.Usha ( Olympian )

The Teachers of Crescent can guide any type of student to excel

Ms. Malathi Holla

Crescent is the mantra to success

Ms.Shiny Wilson

Crescent provides access to all possible self development activities

Mr. Dhanraj Pillai

Crescent provides an excellent opportunity to students to get quality education

Mr. Karthikeyan

Crescent school offers the best infrastructure to nurture the talents of students. It offers an excellent blend of academics & extra curricular activities.

Mr.Merwin Fernandez

Crescent School offers equal importance to Academics and Sports

Ms. Anju Boby George

“The commitment towards achieving Quality Education was applaud able. I applaud the management for looking into the minutest detail in providing the best of infrastructure; the committed principal & vice principal, the dedicated staff. All proved that Team Work works.”

Mrs. Gayethri Devi, CISCE

“I wish I was a school-going child. I’d have loved to study here- Such Peace and calm. Very well maintained school, well supervised in academics & activities, very functional also”

Mrs. Madhubala Kapoor, CISCE

Excellently organized and well executed with hardworking and bright children

Mohammed Riyaz ( Olympian )

                       “The atmosphere that the school presents itself shows that they are more of a family”

                                                                    Mr.Sadagopan Ramesh, Cricket Player

Current Events
District Toppers & Rank Holders. 
Co-educational ICSE School in Ooty Town.
CCTV to Evaluate Learning
Smart Classrooms - Educomp
CCTV Equipped Campus
DigitAL Library
Educational Tours, Industrial Visits
Moral & Spiritual Value Based Education
Seminars and Group Discussions
Renowned Academicians and Eminent personalities
Resource Room
Remedial Education
Medical Facilities with an Infirmary
Well-equipped Laboratories
State-of-the-art Dance & Music Halls
Ultra Modern Digital Auditorium 
Personality Development Programmes
Individual Attention to Student 
Optimal Student Teacher Ratio
Classical & Western Music and Dance
Experienced Trainers for Art, Dance & Music.
Periodical Tests and Assessment
Feedback on Academic Progress
Well connected Transport Services
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